We accompany your transformation with our strategic advice, training, and metrics … in connection with the evolution of your professional spaces.

Need to (re)design a professional space in line with new ways of working and/or the experience of your customers/public? We can offer you customised support in (co)design, change management, and the evolution of managerial and relational practices.

  • Our vision

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Our vision

Through the notion of “care”, Korus Group Consulting has developed a unique approach to consulting and the transformation of spaces.

  • Our conviction: the logic of attention to others, of “taking care”, is a fundamental dimension of all transformations. It must therefore be embodied in the work and service spaces that we design, create, and maintain.
  • Our credo: to express, together, our ability to create spaces that “take care” of people, the planet, and your ecosystems – partners, clients, suppliers, communities, areas… The “3P” logic (People, Planet & Profit) also implies optimising your real estate footprint: less square metres for “better” square metres.
  • Our mission: to guide you ahead of your real estate projects, and in the long term, to convert your strategic intentions, your managerial model, your values, your culture… into your work environments through the singular prism of care.

Regarding financial aspects, we will refine together your real estate strategy in order to optimise your geographical location and occupied areas. The idea is to better control your resources and limit costs, in order to make fruitful investments.

Our strategic advice is also based on an understanding of the uses, expectations, and behaviours within your workspaces. To do this, we are committed to a co-construction approach involving all stakeholders. The objective is to unite all employees around a meaningful project. By creating a friendly, inspiring, and motivating environment, we reignite their desire to return to their workplace to meet, share and, exchange.

The NWOW (“New World Of Work”) requires adapting and transforming managerial and/or relational practices with your teams. These new forms of work organisation allow, in the very short term, to serve your ambitions. We therefore propose to rethink your spaces by involving your directors and managers, the people who are best able to embody the project, to generate the support of their teams and to put into practice new rituals of conviviality or collaborative work.

Preparing the future of your company and giving meaning to your project also involves taking into account its environmental performance. We advise you in this transformation through our partnership with Goodwill Management and our circular economy ecosystem. This attraction to solemnity will have another significant advantage: the enhancement of your brand image and your employer brand.

Our answers

  • Open up: meet other companies undergoing renovations, decode the challenges of space as a managerial resource.
  • Framing (strategic framing): understanding your site, as well as your strategic stakes, your values, your culture, your organisation, and your ambitions, in order to better understand where we are starting from and where you want to go.
  • Listening: taking into account the needs, desires, and aspirations of your employees, as well as your organisation’s managers and customers. Through interviews, targeted workshops, fun tools, and an online survey (K’Scan), we co-construct with all stakeholders the solutions that will make your space one that caters to everyone.
  • Accompanying change: investing in a new location, or adapting an existing site, requires getting teams on board, changing management practices, creating or reinforcing team rituals, communicating… We support you in this transformation to ensure a perfect match between your new space and your transformation challenges.
  • Measuring the ROI: occupant satisfaction, use value, and sobriety are the core of our tangible translation of “care”.

The strengths of Korus Group Consulting

A subsidiary 100% dedicated to Consulting to conquer new markets and explore new business models.

Our clients: public or private, SME or large international groups, our methods are adapted to all.

Our innovative tools: K’Scan (employee survey) and Thesaurus (measurement of the use value of your spaces) are tools resulting from our R&D.

Our playful teaching methods: we master and constantly develop playful approaches that facilitate team involvement and co-design work. We can indeed produce very serious “things” without taking ourselves too seriously!

The CARE concept: we design spaces that have a positive impact on people and nature. Sobriety, ergonomics, and management are at the heart of this concept of care and as such, we propose a global and original approach favouring “taking care”.

Our experts support you

Workplace consultants: experts in workplace strategy and space planning, they accompany the project from the project framework to micro-zoning and mobilise business experts (ergonomist, architect, etc.).

Ergonomics experts: accompany teams in optimising the use of spaces and furniture (health/well-being); design ergonomic spaces.

Change Manager: support managerial transformation and promote onboarding.

Sustainability engineer: diagnose and identify with you the best local solutions to implement recycling, reuse, and re-distribution.

Our consulting projects

One Identity project
  • Place Berlin
  • Surface area 400 m²
  • Industry Services
Schneider Electric
  • Place Le Fontanil-Cornillon
  • Surface area 3.600 m²
  • Industry Industry
  • Place Lyon
  • Surface area 7850 m²
  • Industry Services
  • Place Montpellier, FR
  • Surface area 3600 m²
  • Industry Services

The best way to prepare for the future is to build it now together.

President and Founder of Korus Group

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