We create safe, secure, comfortable, and ergonomic healthcare facilities.

For the well-being of both patients and staff, a healthcare facility should offer a reassuring, ergonomic, and secure environment. To satisfy both patients and caregivers, our solutions for the design, renovation, and fitting out of health care facilities reconcile functionality, comfort and aesthetics, while respecting the constraints and standards that such a facility requires.

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Your challenges

Design and build a healthcare facility

Focus on reassurance, safety, hygiene, and ergonomics

The design of a healthcare facility is guided by the need to optimise both patient care and staff working conditions. The various spaces should reassure patients and inspire confidence in the services provided, while offering a comfortable working environment for health care professionals. Aesthetics play a key role in this process and will also enable you to differentiate and enhance your structure in a highly competitive health sector.

In a health care facility, the treatment and examination rooms, as well as reception, waiting, and circulation areas should meet various requirements and needs. Their optimisation is based on ergonomic considerations and involves rationalising the organisation of the various interior spaces, in order to simultaneously improve the patient’s care path and staff well-being.

Beyond ergonomics and aesthetics, the fit-out of a health care facility involves compliance with various regulations. Our layouts comply with all standards in force, whether they are sanitary, safety, environmental, or administrative.

Our custom-made support for the fitting out of health care facilities ensures you carry out your project with peace of mind. Through an approach that is simultaneously aesthetic, environmental, and ergonomic, we help you build a true employer brand that will serve the development of your business, attracting patients and improving employee loyalty. Moreover, we enable you to continue your activities throughout the duration of the project, thanks to the phasing of the work and optimal preparation.

Our answers

Being closer to your needs to tackle all of your challenges

  • Anticipation & advanced strategic thinking: a design & implementation service that can be completed by a consulting offer to help visualise the project and enhance the flow and ergonomics of your spaces.
  • Active listening & collaborative approach: we integrate all stakeholders in order to take into account the needs of each.
  • Serenity & security of a general contractor: a turnkey solution, contractual, firm, and transparent price, as well as centralised administrative management.
  • No unpleasant surprises: a cost/time/quality guarantee.
  • Easy implementation, follow-up, and management: a single contact throughout the life cycle of your healthcare facility fit-out project.

We fit-out or renovate all of the spaces within your healthcare facility.

  • Reception

  • Waiting rooms

  • Patients' rooms

  • Collective spaces (restaurant, break rooms...)

  • Medical spaces (consultation room, examination rooms...)

  • Staff offices

  • Any other space, according to the specificities of your healthcare facility project

I would like to thank you for your work on the Saint Louis dental centre. The whole Korus Group team have been able to meet this challenge and the result is magnificent. It is very pleasant for me to work in this new setting (…) and for the patients to visit us. THANK YOU to the whole team!

Doctor Anne LAMBERT
Dental practitioner at the Saint Louis dental centre (France)

Our healthcare facilities work

Medical centre
Orthodontic practice
  • Place Strasbourg, FR
  • Surface area 100 m²
  • Industry Health
Medical centre
Sports medicine centre
  • Place Strasbourg, FR
  • Surface area 834 m²
  • Industry Health
Medical centre
Aurelius Hospital
  • Place Nilai, MY
  • Surface area 680 m²
  • Industry Health
Medical imaging centre
Medical centre
  • Place Provins, FR
  • Surface area 200 m²
  • Industry Health

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Our expertise

We can assist you at every stage of your healthcare facility fit-out project.