Sustain and ensure the longevity of your buildings with our post occupancy maintenance offer.

Entrusting us with the maintenance of your sites means optimising your investment in a sustainable way, reducing your costs, and easing your constraints by relying on a network of experts.

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Our vision

Managing the preventive, corrective, and regulatory maintenance of your buildings is a major factor in enhancing your productivity and operating costs. However, it also requires significant resources in terms of administrative management, managing and monitoring interventions, and identifying and observing service providers. Our post occupancy maintenance offer provides peace of mind and enables you to optimise your investment over time.

Outsourcing your preventive, corrective, and regulatory maintenance activities guarantees the continuity of your activity for your entire network of branches. Highly qualified personnel intervene at regular intervals to monitor the condition of the installations. They carry out only the necessary repairs and make sure that everything is working optimally. This regular maintenance reduces your costs and increases the overall safety of your site.

Preventive action, whether systematic, conditional, or predictive, is designed to anticipate difficulties and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns. However, in the event of a malfunction, corrective maintenance resolves any need for repairs. Reactive and flexible, our team assigns one of our local service providers to carry out this troubleshooting in the shortest possible time, so as not to hinder the work of your team or negatively impact your customer experience.

Regulatory maintenance remains mandatory for establishments open to the public (ERP), and establishments open to workers (ERT) to ensure the safety of all. Legal verifications vary according to the type of equipment installed, and our teams call on qualified service providers for each type of intervention.

Our post occupancy maintenance offer thus ensures the long-term survival of your buildings by avoiding any technical malfunction.

Our answers

  • Intervention at any time: interfacing and piloting of interventions (coordination of breakdowns, validation of estimates, and intervention reports) 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • A customisable offer: from the management of your own network of service providers to the post occupancy maintenance entirely managed by Korus Group and its network of service providers.
  • A shared process and reporting tools to which you have access at any time.

Korus Group’s strengths

We are not simply a “call centre”, one person from the post occupancy maintenance team is dedicated to managing your account: knowledge of your issues and priorities, and a close relationship.

A network of service providers throughout the country.

Proven expertise: in 2021 we managed 22,000 interventions on 3,000 sites and in 2022, 55,000 interventions on 3,800 sites.

Our experts support you in the post occupancy maintenance of your buildings

Account manager: based at the Korus Group headquarters in France, your unique contact is the leader of all of your interventions.

Maintenance management: a team to structure your project and define the scope that best corresponds to your needs.

Our post occupancy maintenance projects

Senior housing
  • Place Lyon
  • Industry Health
Investor & owner
K Hub
  • Place Milan, IT
  • Surface area 450 m²
  • Industry Services

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