Your challenges

Design and build of a fitness centre. Focus on the optimization of the customers’ experience and satisfaction to improve customer loyalty.

Sport and well-being being major trends, great business opportunities are created for fitness centres. These trends also push them to rethink their spaces to build customer loyalty and attract new customers. The (re)design of your fitness centre allows you to extend your offer of services, to integrate a digital dimension and thus to propose a singular extended customer experience. In a word: a great opportunity to optimize your profitability.

To create an environment that is functional, comfortable, and pleasant for both your staff and your customers, we offer global layout solutions for fitness centres. Study of the flow of people, definition of the needed spaces for each activity, study of acoustics and optimization of the ventilation of each space: we support you on every aspect of your project.

The design and layout of a fitness centre is based on the optimization of the customer’s experience. From the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, your customers need to follow a simple, fluid and intuitive path that allows them to discover all the services you offer.

In today’s world, the (re)design of your fitness has to include digital technologies to enhance the customer’s experience. Performance monitoring, video group classes… the goal is not to replace human beings with digital technologies, but to integrate them smartly into the customer’s journey to extend your service offer and allow your staff to focus on high value-added tasks, such as personal coaching. The goal is to increase efficiency and productivity.

As any place open to public, the layout of a fitness centre has to meet specific hygiene and safety requirements. Our achievements respect all these directives to offer your customers and employees a space that is both safe and respectful of their well-being.

Our turnkey offer allows you to transform your fitness centre into a more innovative and efficient place that enhances your brand image and allows you to build loyalty among your customers and staff. Beyond creating a fitness centre concept that is easily memorable, we can also help you in the implementation of your concept on multiple sites.

Our answers

Being closer to your needs to take up all of your challenges.

Specialized interlocutors dedicated to your project

a team of Korus Group experts, coordinated by a national project manager.

The assurance that everything is under control

a turnkey offer from the design to the layout of your fitness centre, including the execution of the work.

Quality of execution

guarantee of the quality of execution contributing to the enhancement of your brand image.

Simplification of the implementation

a national network of Korus Group agencies and service providers for a simplified implementation of your concept.

Continuity of follow-up & accompaniment over the duration

outsourced post occupancy multi-technical maintenance service for the daily management of your building.

We fit out or renovate all the areas of your fitness centre.

  • Cardio and weight training plateaux

  • Workout rooms

  • Studios

  • Aquatic areas

  • Wellness areas

  • Locker rooms

  • Any other space, according to the specificities of your fitness centre project

Our expertise

Our offer covers the entire life cycle of your project

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Your fitness centre will be conceived, designed, fitted out, and developed to meet your challenges and the new aspirations of your customers.