Your challenges

Design and build of a school. Reinventing the school to offer a place to learn, live, and socialise in compliance with regulatory standards.

The school of tomorrow is a motivating, inclusive, and safe place to learn and work. It leaves room for kindness and takes into account the needs of each individual to encourage both student learning and teacher fulfilment. This ambitious vision is the basis of our school design.

Our fitting-out ensures the educational and academic performance of your schools. To do so, we design user-friendly, structured, and playful spaces, adapted and changeable to the age of your students, as well as to any different activities. The design is intended to be stimulating and attractive, while all furniture and facilities are conceived to facilitate storage and the smooth running of classes. In this way, we help you transform your school into a place that gives students the pleasure of learning, and teachers the satisfaction of teaching.

Our innovative approach to a school fit-out enables you to establish a strong, positive, and differentiating image. As a result, you maximize your school’s attractiveness and appeal, while building trust with parents, students, and teachers. And to ensure that your new brand image shines through nationally, we offer to deploy your design concept throughout your network of schools.

Like any place where children are present, the design of a school must meet specific regulatory requirements in terms of hygiene and safety. Our work complies with all of these guidelines, to provide students with a learning environment that is both safe and respectful of their well-being.

Our support guarantees your peace of mind. In the case of a renovation project, we propose to schedule and phase the work in advance so that classes and all school activities continue during the construction period, in complete safety for the children and teachers.

Our answers

Being closer to your needs to tackle all of your challenges.

Active listening & collaborative approach

we integrate all stakeholders in order to identify in advance the needs, constraints, and expectations related to all of your activities and to create support within your team.

The assurance that everything is under control

a turnkey offer from consulting to the design of your spaces, from the layout to the execution of the labour.

Support from A to Z

assistance from the design stage to the administrative procedures (including capacity and safety analysis).

Quality of execution

guarantee of quality of execution contributing to the enhancement of your brand image.

Freedom of mind

the Korus Group team of experts and its project manager takes charge of all stages of your school fit-out project.

Continuity of follow-up & support over time

outsourced maintenance service for the management of your building.

Simplification of the implementatio

a national network of Korus Group agencies and service providers for the simplified deployment of your school concept.

We fit-out or renovate all of the spaces in your school.

  • Classrooms

  • Teacher's rooms

  • Hallways

  • Recreational areas

  • Outdoor areas

  • Canteen

  • Sports halls

  • Libraries

  • Any other space, according to the specificities of your school project

Our expertise

We can support you at every stage of your school fit-out project.

Our school work

Ifea school
  • Place Clichy, FR
  • Surface area 1200 m²
  • Industry Teaching

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