Your challenges

Design and build senior housing. Focus on comfort, safety, ergonomic, and aesthetic.

Senior housing blocks are friendly and functional places where ergonomics and design coexist in harmony. Designed to ensure the safety and individual well-being of their residents, they should also be conducive to living well together.

In addition to providing a pleasant and secure living environment through private dwelling designed to simplify daily tasks, senior housing that we design and build meets the socialisation needs of those who live there. The various collective spaces (restaurants, relaxation, and leisure rooms, etc.) are adapted to encourage exchanges and moments of sharing between seniors.

From the simplification of the resident’s pathway to the washable and/or launderable furniture, all interior spaces and the layout of your senior housing should be carefully designed to ensure the comfort of all users, and to enable them to benefit from a continuity of service in complete safety.

In addition to these user issues, there are profitability obligations related to the optimisation of the occupancy rate. An approach focused on “well living” will enable you to convey an attractive and differentiating brand image, inspiring confidence and reliability among the occupants and their families, as well as your employees. Our solutions for fitting out and designing senior housing will help you boost your attractiveness and build loyalty among your team, through the creation of a true employer brand.

Our answers

We tackle all of your challenges.

Anticipation & strategic thinking

support for the transformation and scheduling of your senior housing fit-out project.

Active listening & collaborative approach

co-construction of your project in order to win the support of your employees.

The assurance that everything is under control

expression of the strategy in plans for your spaces, administrative management, coordination of all service providers, monitoring, and reporting on the progress of the construction.

Continuity of your activities

the possibility of carrying out a renovation project on an occupied site by planning in advance the schedule of the labour and securing the site.

Choice and quality of furnishings

a range of standard or custom-made furniture adapted to your needs and constraints.

Continuity of follow-up and support over time

management of the post occupancy multi-technical maintenance of your buildings.

We fit out or renovate all of the spaces within your senior housing.

  • Reception areas

  • Independent dwellings

  • Collective spaces (restaurant, relaxation, and leisure rooms...)

  • Spaces reserved for staff (offices, checkrooms, break room...)

  • Any other space, according to the specificities of your senior housing project

Our expertise

We can assist you at every stage of your senior housing fit-out project.

Our senior housing work

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