We create stores that generate value for both your customers and your company.

Our tailor-made offers for the fit-out of your stores, and the deployment of your concept, support your quest for performance and profitability. We design and build your retail space with three objectives: to offer an optimal shopping experience to your customers, to enhance your branding, and to ensure sustainable cost control for your fit-out or deployment project.

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Your challenges

Design and build stores

Focus on regulatory, profitability, eco-responsibility, and deployment

Regardless of its geographical location (city centre, shopping centre, commercial activity zone, etc.) and its size, the (re)fit-out of a store has a strategic dimension. At a time when customer loyalty is a major issue, a store should go beyond its status as a simple retail space to become an attractive, sustainable place that creates value.

Customers are sensitive to the aesthetic and ambiance of a store, as well as to their overall shopping experience. They are more likely to be loyal to a store that offers them a smooth and pleasant shopping experience. Your store should therefore be designed to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience, while immersing them in your brand universe.

Every company is a bearer of messages and values. It is this brand identity, strong and differentiating, that we propose to make tangible and homogeneous across all of your sites. We achieve this by thinking about the design and organisation of the various spaces in such a way as to be able to deploy your store concept on a national level in an industrial manner, to motivate purchasing, boost the attractiveness of your brand, and to encourage the creation of an emotional link with your brand. This way, we ensure that the (re)fit-out of your store supports the economic growth of your company.

Our work takes into account any regulatory requirements to which the fit-out of a store is subject to, depending on the type of products sold. We also accompany you in optimising your investment over time by ensuring the corrective, preventive, and regulatory maintenance of your sites.

Our support is a guarantee of profitability and peace of mind. Indeed, we programme your renovation work to enable you to continue your commercial activities throughout the construction period, and thus avoid any loss of turnover.

Our answers

Being closer to your needs to tackle all of your challenges

  • A tailor-made offer: from the definition of your fit-out concept to the management of the maintenance of your retail space, including the management of all labour or the national deployment of your concept.
  • No unpleasant surprises: a cost/time/quality guarantee.
  • Easy implementation, follow-up, and management: a single contact throughout the life cycle of your project.

We fit-out or renovate all of the spaces in your store.

  • Retail spaces

  • Social premises

  • Operating spaces (parking, warehouses...)

  • Any other space, according to the specificities of your store project

As with each of our collaborations with Korus Group, our latest store “ECOUTER VOIR”, was a success. From design to implementation and then to operation, our collaboration has been, as usual, exemplary in terms of exchange, listening and technical solutions. Korus Group has now perfectly mastered the concept of our optical/audio shops, which is a real plus in both design and implementation.

Property Manager – Mutualité Française

Our store work

Store – Retail
Automative showroom
  • Place Hamburg
  • Surface area 7.500 m²
  • Industry Industry
  • Place Luxembourg
  • Surface area 1.800 m²
  • Industry Retail
Shopping centre
Bangunan AHP Rejuvenation
  • Place Kuala Lumpur, MY
  • Surface area 1200 m²
  • Industry Retail
The Bike Artisans
  • Place Kuala Lumpur, MY
  • Surface area 200 m²
  • Industry Retail

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We can assist you at every stage of your store layout project.