The Korus Group vision

We bring to our clients a global, systemic, and inspiring vision of the transformation of their professional environments, in order to enhance the value of the workforce and clientele, and to guide them in their quest for performance.

Korus Group has built its reputation around three strong and differentiating pillars:

To be a performance generator: social, societal, environmental, identity, commercial and financial.

To propose innovative design solutions to obtain concrete and measurable results.

To build spaces that give as much importance to the functional and emotional needs and issues of each person.

« The best way to prepare for the future is to build it now together. »

President and Founder of Korus Group.

Korus Group values


    « It's not wearing the same jersey that makes a team, it's sweating together toward a common goal. »


    « Always act as if it is impossible to fail. »


    « Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success. »

The history of Korus Group

In 2021, Korus Group celebrated its 30th anniversary. While ardently defending the traditional values of integrity and respect for a job well done, Korus Group cultivates its pioneering and independent spirit with one certainty: “Yesterday’s truths are today’s first obstacles”.

Creation of Korus by its current President and Founder Charles Marcolin
Creation of the design activity;   first developments in Italy
First developments in Spain
Creation of the Strategy and Design Department
Creation of the After Sales and Technical Management departments
Creation of Korus Malaysia
Creation of the Furniture and Design entity;     first developments in Singapore
Acquisition of Superbuild, a Parisian company specialised in the fitting out of tertiary spaces
Creation of Korus Italy (operating since 2016)
The Korus Group exceeds €100M in turnover;       Creation of Korus Germany
Restructuring of the Group's headquarters
Buyout of Théorème Ingénierie;           and creation of Korus Spain
Buyout of LBC (Le Bureau Contemporain)
Korus becomes Korus Group
Creation of Korus Group Australia
Integration of Korus Group Consulting ; creation of Korus Group Luxembourg

The latest addition, the Consulting venture, is part of Korus Group’s desire to reinforce its capacity to accompany change and to play a driving role in the transformation through space. Innovative, it is inspired by a singular approach to consulting through the philosophy of care and is based on a strong axis: Solemnity. Korus Group Consulting guides companies wishing to involve their collaborators, to co-construct the solutions of development and evolve their managerial practices, while taking as little as possible from the resources of our planet.

« Our mission is to design, build, maintain and develop spaces that take care of people and ecosystems. »

Korus Group in figures

  • 295 employees
  • 19 locations in France and abroad
  • 500 annual achievements

Our showcase : The Hangar

In a digital world where everything is accelerating, the sense of adaptation and the capacity to open up and reinvent oneself every day have become the driving forces of success. Korus Group has always been characterised as much by this vision of the future in motion, as by simple and earthy traditional values, just like the environment of its headquarters.

It was at the beginning of 2017 that Charles Marcolin decided to trial for his Group, for his teams, and for his clients a new, more collaborative work environment, transforming it into a living space and rethinking efficiency.

This is how the Be@ Work internal project was born, named democratically by Korus Group employees in reference to well-being at work. The objective is to practice 100% collaborative design and to experiment with what clients experience during their reorganisation projects.

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Our expertises

Created around the creation and development of professional spaces, with strong roots in the banking sector, Korus Group has been able to reinvent itself and develop around 4 major areas of expertise

Proximity, reliability, reactivity: Korus Group makes it a point of honour to remain as close as possible to its clients and to all stakeholders of an operation, believing since the beginning that a collaborative approach and quality relationships are the factors that guarantee the success of a development project.

The Korus Group strengths

Beyond a constant development and the creation of new activities, Korus Group has first of all enriched itself with human capital. Proximity, agility, reactivity, advice… our team will guide you through all stages of your project.

In addition to our experience in the (re)development of professional spaces, we bring you our cost optimisation solutions, our guarantees in terms of standards, deadlines and prices, our knowledge of local markets and the assurance that the best professionals are at your disposal. They are supervised by a project manager who is your unique contact.

The priority that we give to client relationships is found in the organisation set up by Korus Group, of which one of its assets is its local anchoring.

This proximity translates into a strong presence at the side of our clients, thanks to the numerous Regional Directors of Korus Group France located throughout France, as well as in its international network.

Internationally, we have developed a network of agencies and partners present in major European countries:

  • Korus Group – Germany
  • Korus Group – Spain
  • Korus Group – Italy

And we are also present outside Europe in several countries via our agencies and partners:

  • Korus Group – Australia
  • Korus Group – Malaysia
  • Korus Group – Singapore

We continue to extend the presence of Korus Group internationally by privileging this proximity both geographically and culturally, but also in terms of professions and activities, guaranteeing the success of your projects.

« The further we go, the more we need local partners! »

Our physical, geographical, and cultural proximity allows us to accompany both the installation of a local company within its area, and a foreign company in its international development for multi-site projects, or for rehabilitation projects. SMEs as well as large multinational groups trust us for these reasons and for our proven knowledge of the standards of each host country. We believe in a permanent and perennial exchange to better understand the stakes and the needs of our customers and to accompany them in the long term.

Korus Group’s team

“ The core value of Korus Group is human adventure : it is thanks to men and women, their intuitions, their skills, their intelligence and their heart that we can create and share meaningful projects. ”

Around Charles Marcolin, founder of Korus Group, exceptional men and women share their expertise and know-how.

Our Board members