Through our global expertise in furniture, we accompany you in the development of your professional spaces.

Reflecting your identity, creating unique atmospheres, and guaranteeing the comfort of your employees and customers, furniture is a key element in the design of your spaces. Trends, design, ergonomics, concept… let Lbc by Korus Group guide you.

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Our vision

Professional furniture that is ergonomically designed and comfortable encourages employees to return to their workplace, where they can make their own space more easily. Designed to facilitate the various tasks of daily life and to dress-up the area, furniture is therefore a key factor in comfort at work. Installing sturdy, attractive, and functional equipment is a reliable investment, because the well-being of your team, and as such their productivity, is greatly improved.

By offering a comfortable and trendy environment to your employees and customers, you convey a strong and benevolent brand image. Choosing durable and quality materials, as well as furniture with an impactful or innovative design in terms of shape, colour or, functionality, enables you to embody your vision and values.

The furnishing of your spaces also contributes to the development of a strengthened employer brand, focused on the quality of life at work. You may thus show your ability to adapt to changes in the professional world. This principle also serves other essential objectives: improving competitiveness, building customer and employee loyalty, and promoting your organisation. By integrating current trends, you prepare serenely for your future.

Finally, professional furniture enables you to optimise the organisation of your space, thanks to the solutions implemented for each challenge. Our offer takes into account the specific requirements of your business, and possible real estate constraints related to the architecture of your building(s).

Our answers

  • Definition of your needs: through an audit of your site to define the spirit and values of your organisation, and to offer a unique experience to your employees and customers.
  • 360° vision: space planning, performance scenario, and prototyping of your project in order to optimise the surface area of the spaces, develop collective intelligence, and reflect the personality of your company.
  • Furniture proposal according to your needs and those of your employees: choice of not only materials, shapes, and colours, but also the functionalities of your furniture in order to enhance their use value.
  • Respect of the legislative framework: integration of the regulatory, legal, and financial dimensions.
  • Assembly, installation, and implementation of your space planning solutions.

The strengths of Lbc by Korus Group

An integrated design office composed of experts: listening to your projects, they are true sources of inspiration.

Our architects provide solutions and support companies in transforming their spaces, by drawing inspiration from the latest trends in design and technology.

A network of international suppliers and partners covering the entire furniture offer, whatever your sector of activity: a complete range of products to fit out all spaces with the aim of enhancing utility, comfort, and coherence.

A team united around strong values: respect, transparency, dialogue, high standards, and loyalty.

Our experts support you in the choice of your professional furniture

Project manager: your unique and dedicated contact throughout your project.

Lbc by Korus Group design office: a team of creative people to imagine your new spaces.

Our furnishing projects

  • Place Bordeaux, FR
  • Surface area 355 m²
  • Industry Services
  • Place Lyon
  • Surface area 7850 m²
  • Industry Services
  • Place Marquette-lez-Lille, FR
  • Industry Services
Community of municipalities
  • Place Les Chapelles Bourbon, FR
  • Industry Services

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