Digital innovation at the heart of a workplace renovation


Renowned globally, Tetra Pak is known for its innovative packaging solutions in the food industry.

Tasked with modernising their workspace in Modena, Italy, Tetra Pak sought to infuse a new dimension into their commercial approach. The project aimed to seamlessly merge the physical and digital realms, introducing innovative solutions to showcase their products.

The project focused on creating a dynamic environment, harmonizing modern design with cutting-edge technology for a truly innovative commercial experience.


Our work

Commissioned as a general contractor, our teams worked on:

  • Successfully concluding the executive design and construction phase within tight timelines, encompassing the customization of all elements.
  • Undertaking the construction of the lobby and office floor, which involved a complete overhaul, including new interior distribution, custom furniture, flooring, and lighting systems.
  • Developping three immersive showrooms that integrate cutting-edge technologies smoothly. These showrooms offer Tetra Pak customers a comprehensive experience, featuring innovative presentations of solutions through touch tables, digital walls, and immersive sound experiences.
  • Working within a live environment, the project required meticulous execution to avoid disruptions to employees’ workflow and ensure a seamless welcome for on-site visitors.