Transformation of part of an industrial site into administrative space and a training centre.


Schneider Electric wanted to optimise the use of space of an existing industrial site to integrate both an office area and a training centre for their European employees.

Our work

Co-design of spaces to meet the needs and expectation of each department.

Fit out of both the administrative area (offices, common areas, …) and the training centre:

  • Work on an occupied site, carried out on staggered hours to limit nuisance during the periods when employees are present.
  • Creation of a mezzanine floor with a metal framework and composite floor able to take a working load of 2T/m² (by way of comparison, an office desk has a working load of 450 kg/m²).
  • Installation of a specific air-conditioning system to compensate for the heat released by the equipment used by the training centre
  • Creation of a goods lift

Outdoor developments to modify and optimise the flow of goods in and out of the industrial site.