An art gallery in the heart of Madrid


The renowned Pedro Cêra art gallery, celebrating its 25th anniversary, chose Madrid as the canvas for its inaugural venture in Spain. We played a pivotal role in this transformation, turning a shoe store and an old residential apartment into a art gallery. This 250m² locale in the heart of Madrid now stands as a living testament to Pedro Cêra’s creative vision, ushering in a new artistic era on Spanish soil.

Our work

To bring Pedro Cêra’s vision to life, we executed a comprehensive transformation including:

  • Meticulous conversion of the ageing residential apartment into a dedicated collector’s area and adaptation of the former shoe shop into a harmonious exhibition space, linking both areas to create a cohesive gallery environment.
  • Implementation of bespoke electrical and audio installations for audiovisual artwork (including video and audio projectors)
  • Integration of a flexible magnetic rail lighting system, offering adaptability for each new exhibition, ensuring an optimisez showcase for the artwork.
  • Execution of civil works including plasterboard installations, ceiling adjustments, painting, flooring enhancements, new awnings, and carpentry.
  • Implementation of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services covering electricity, data systems, lighting solutions, HVAC adjustments, fire protection adaptations, and plumbing installations.

As the new gallery is on the ground floor of a residential building in Madrid’s vibrant city center, we had to focus on harmonizing with the surroundings: we meticulously managed the project to ensure minimal disturbance for the neighboring residents. In addition, our team successfully managed to respect the tight timing of this project, delivering the gallery on time for the big opening celebration.