Redevelopment of a site with extension


Following the Brexit, many companies, including this major international bank, moved their operations to continental Europe. The strategic choice of Paris as their new European showcase was aimed at maintaining their leadership position. The need to consolidate teams at a single Parisian site emerged, as did the desire to aim for LEED Gold certification in order to affirm their commitment to the environment and enhance the value of their assets.

Our work

As part of a project to refurbish offices in Paris, our teams worked closely with the client:

  1. Renovation on an occupied site: we managed the renovation while minimising disruption to occupants. A meticulous phasing plan was put in place to reduce disruption to the company’s day-to-day activities, thus ensuring operational continuity.
  2. Optimising the working environment: in collaboration with the client, we designed modern, functional workspaces adapted to the specific needs of the company and its employees. This includes the creation of 2 computer rooms, 2 trading rooms accommodating around 230 traders, a VIP client reception area, as well as a kitchen and 4 cafeterias spread throughout the floors.
  3. Management of technical and security constraints: faced with the technical and security challenges encountered, we have put in place rigorous protocols to guarantee the security of employees,data and workers, while complying with the strictest standards.
  4. Commitment to sustainability: every aspect of the renovation was carried out with sustainability in mind, with the aim of contributing to LEED Gold certification.
  5. Transparent communication and close collaboration: we maintained open communication with the client team at every stage of the project, fostering effective collaboration and rapid resolution of any issues that arose.